Fair Trade Clothes

Welcome to the funky world of handmade fair trade clothing.  Our range of fair trade clothes are handmade in Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Several times a year the factories where our clothes are made receive a visit from our suppliers whom we work very closely with.  We have been stocking fair trade clothing since 2010 and have become great friends with our suppliers.  They have in turn become great friends with the producers as they have been dealing with them for many years. Fair trade is about getting the money to the people who need it, its about making sure the workers are paid fairly and are safe where they work.  After the earthquake of 2015 the one thing that was said to me over and again was ‘place more orders as we want to get money coming in again’.  These people don’t want to just sit by on hand outs, they had to rebuild their lives after losing homes, business and loved ones and the best way they saw was to get back to normal as fast as possible because with money coming in they could start to regain some semblance of normality.  Just by the simple thing of placing more clothing orders with Nepal meant that they could try and continue as normal.  I tell you this story so you understand that fair trade is about making sure we buy from the people who not only need the business but want to make something for themselves.

Tie Dye long sleeve t-shirts

Our fair trade clothes are funky bright and colourful.  We have spent loads of time trying to find both male and female fair trades clothing so our customers have a wide variety to choose from.  Our fair trade festival clothing style is based on the 1960s hippy style but with a modern twist.  We use lots of embroidery work and interesting patterned fabrics to bring our clothing ranges to life.  People will never say you are dull if you are spotted out in our fresh fair trade clothing.

fair trade cotton wrap skirts

When can you wear our clothes?
You would be surprised how many people phone us wanting to use our clothing as fancy dress, they get to look great at a fancy dress party and then have some great threads to keep and wear after as well.  I do feel the need to tell people that what they what to wear to a fancy dress is the clothing that I live in day to day, it always brings a smile.  The truth is you can wear or fair trade hippy clothing where ever and when ever you want.  Clothing shouldn’t be about restrictions it should be about freedom, if you like it then wear it.  Our clothing really is about expression, wearing bright funky and unique clothing refreshes the soul and sure as hell makes other people think about brightening up when you walk past them.  We get many people telling us about the people who ask where they got their clothing from.  Fun clothing can bring people together even if its for a moment.

Tie Dye Cotton Trousers

Anyway our fair trade clothing range can be found by clicking on the product link at the top of the website.  Have a look through and see what you think, don’t worry if you can’t find what your looking for as we are always updating our products.

Who do we make and sell fair trade hippy clothing for?
We currently have a wide choice of fair trade clothing for men and women.  Our range of fair trade clothing for men is very important to us as we know how hard it can be to find male fair trade clothing.  Of course that being said we also make sure that we have a great choice of female fair trade clothing as we are always getting new styles.

What kind of fair trade clothing do we sell?
Well were do we start?  We have such a wide choice of fair trade clothing from shirts to trousers, skirts to wool jackets, shorts to hats.  Our range of funky fair trade dresses also helps you look good during the summer months.  We stock a massive range of fair trade tie dye clothing that includes shirts, shorts skirts, cotton and acrylic ponchos, fair trade patchwork clothing including shirts, skirts and trousers as well as loads more great clothes.  We also have a great range of fair trade cotton throws in both double and single sizes.  One of our best selling ranges is our elephant print Thai clothing.

Male Clothing